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Volunteer Opportunities 

We need your IMPERFECT Marriage!

Couple Friends

Become a 5 Step Prep facilitator. 

The 5 Step Prep is a private personalized program where the couple works through 5 steps with a trained facilitator to dive deeper into their relationship with various activities. Facilitators will receive training and support. 

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Befriend and walk with an Engaged Couple in their early years. 

Support an engaged couple throughout their marriage preparation journey and into the early years of their marriage. Pray for them as they approach their wedding day and all the days after.  We will connect you with a great couple!

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Host a Mother Daughter Night in your home. 

Inspire your daughter and her friends to ‘Discover their Superpower’ by hosting a girls night. We will empower 8th-12th grade girls and their moms with the natural science of how their periods are good

and their bodies are beautiful and strong! ​We want all daughters to appreciate that they are masterpieces God created!

To learn more about volunteering reach out to us below!

Ways your donation can help
support CôR Ministries.

Sponsor an Engaged Couples Marriage Preparation. 

Help train teachers, speakers and facilitators.

Provide enrichment opportunities for married couples to reconnect.


family life programming.

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We have a lot of work to do, and your generous donation will help us get this important work done. We couldn't do this without you. Thank you!

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