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5 Step Prep

A deeper dive.

Congratulations on your engagement!

We are committed to helping couples experience

happy, holy, loving and joyful marriages.


A member of our highly trained team will guide each couple through a five step process to empower them

with the wisdom, knowledge and courage to build a thriving marriage.

"We LOVED this deeper dive. I drove in out of state for our meetings because it was so fruitful for my fiancé and I. Thank you!"


The 5 Step Prep DOES NOT meet the canonical requirements to be married in the Catholic Church alone.
You still must complete a Joy-Filled Marriage Preparation Course. The 5 Step Prep complements the Joy-Filled Marriage Preparation program. If you have any questions about the 5 Step Prep you can
contact Dolores Shipe at 


Because of this 5 Step Prep our relationship is so much deeper.

We had conversions we would have

 never had if it wasn't for this program. We are truly grateful! Thank you. 

 -Ben and Abbey

We are so appreciate of how tailored this program was for our relationship. We loved every step and got so much from this. We can't wait to be married! 

-Nick and Sara

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