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Convalidation Prep

Convalidation of a Catholic marriage is the process to receive the Sacrament of marriage for a couple who is married civilly and the husband or wife is Catholic.  

Couples who are preparing to convalidate their marriage

in the Catholic Church have unique situations and circumstances and would benefit from a personalized

approach to prepare them to receive the

Sacrament of Marriage. 

Our Personalized Convalidation Prep is designed to meet

the individual needs of the couple, while fulfilling all of the requirements to prepare them for their

convalidation ceremony. 

Register below to begin the preparation process. 

4 Steps to convalidation

Step 1 - Presentations

Each couple will view and discuss presentations on the following topics:

  •  Marriage as a Sacrament -What are you saying 'I do' to?

  •  Communication, conflict and family of origin - How will your marriage be affected?

  •  Building Happiness - What steps are you taking to build happiness in your marriage?

  •  Fruitfulness in Marriage - What does this mean for your marriage?

Step 2. Finance Blueprint

  • The finance blueprint is an important exercise for every couple to work on together, making important financial decisions that will impact their marriage.

Step 3. Book Study with 21 Undeniable Secrets of Marriage,  by Dr. Allen Hunt

  • The book offers great tips and insights to build a healthy and faith filled marriage. Through guided steps, the couple works through the important secrets of marriage. 

Step 4. Lectio Divina 

  • The couple is led through the practice of Lectio Divina in order to choose their readings for their Convalidation ceremony. 

Start your journey today!


I didn't realize when we got married on the beach that my marriage wouldn't be recognized by Catholic church. I am so thankful to have gone through the steps to receive the Sacrament of Marriage. 

Liz and John 

We loved our marriage prep for our convalidation! We had no idea the impact of receiving the Sacrament of Marriage would have on our relationship. More people need to know about this!

Ed and Julie

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